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Taxi is an on-demand taxi service app solution for transforming your cab business to the next level. Whether you are running a cab or taxi business, the


Taxi is the best way to attract customers to your taxi business.

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Appsara Taxi is the most advanced online cab booking and dispatch system to drive your business into the future. It is a very helpful hybrid mobile app solution for Car, Taxi and Cab Rental business that helps to increase taxi booking orders and to boost customer satisfaction. Deploying the latest GPS technology, Appsara Taxi creates a full picture of locations of drivers and customers.


Main Features of APPSARA Taxi :

  • Best UI/UX Design
  • APPSARA Taxi  - Driver app
  • APPSARA Taxi  - User App
  • No extra hardware, No extra equipment.
  • Cab reach time & status updates.
  • Phone number authentication via SMS and E-Mail
  • One step and easy booking process.
  • Automatic route calculation and tracking system
  • Option for setting cab types with rates
  • Point to point transfer.
  • Auto select current locations
  • Ride Later facility
  • Push messages for all the status
  • Google API integration
  • Display all Past and Present booking details
  • Safe and Secure Payment
  • User friendly admin panel.
  • Manage the business using Admin Panel
  • Cancellation Facility
  • Booking Flexibility
  • Tracking System
  • Rating and Review
  • View earnings statistics
  • RTL Supports
  • 100% Customizable
  • Auto Assigning of driver
  • View booking history


Admin Features :

  • Driver Features :Management of Cabs.
  • Management of Cab services rates for all the cab types.
  • Tariff per hour and tariff per KM, waiting for charges per 10 minutes and images.
  • Drivers Management.
  • Passengers Management
  • Rides Logs - Driver & Passenger
  • Discount Coupon Management
  • Driver registration / login
  • View information about travel routes.
  • Notification of Booking requests
  • Show status – Availability or Unavailable
  • After booking confirmation automatic unavailable status
  • Can call & confirm with the passenger before booking a ride
  • Can set final fare based on waiting period and actual distance
  • Can check the Rides status & Balance

Passenger Features :

  • User registration / login
  • Passenger Can choose from any type of Cab
  • Automatic passenger current location update
  • Suggest different Routes, Estimated time to travel with fare.
  • Can confirm and book a ride after confirmation call from driver
  • Can book future rides with time and date
  • Cab reach time with driver details
  • Create and edit profile
  • Check past rides & set upcoming rides
  • Can check rate card from app itself
  • Can share route and driver details with anyone for tracking
  • View ride history

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