India’s First Android TV application which works with your vision and can be used for multi-purposes


Nowadays people want things to be done automatically. So we give you this app ZVAH which is very unique and is made only for the Android TV. This android TV app is only one of its kinds. This app helps you to see those programs which you wish to see. This application has a lot of unique and special features which you have never seen before in any other applications and this application will also boom up the market. This app will have a monopoly in the android market.

Features of ZVAH TV App

Let's talk about some of its different and unique features as this app asks the client for its location while the apps start. We can also type the names for the particular content we want to see at the different time and in different locations. This app can be used for uploading the informational and entertaining content for other people with the help of this application and we can also choose the time for the content to be shown in the selected locations groups. You can create your own custom TV channel with the help of this android TV application. We can likewise track diverse vehicles through the inbuilt guide. This application will likewise help the general population who put resources into the stock exchange as should be obvious current rates of stocks, stock accessibility, product and so forth. So this app will be very helpful for the people who want to see the content according to them not according to the other TV channels. We can also see videos and listen to the audio from this application and can also visit different websites and local pages. This App also has a MAP with GIS feature by which you can always track the TV. This app can also be used for security purposes and can also be used for the automobile dealers and educational organizations.

Type of content to be shown

We can see different types of advertisement such as Display advertisements, moving and video advertisements etc. We can also track different vehicles through the inbuilt map. This app will also help for the people who invest in the stock market as they can see current rates of stocks, stock availability, commodity etc.  We can also shop for the different no of products online directly with the help of this app. So we don’t need laptops and tablets because you can do everything directly on this application only such as hotels menu and pictures, live election results, weather reports, contact details, and emergency exit maps etc.

Usage of this app

This app will be useful in the restaurants where people get to see what they want to while taking food with their families. This app will also become successful in the malls and hotels where visitors can be engaged at the place. We can also use these apps in salons while we are getting our haircut and it is also beneficial in hotels and lounges waiting area where people get bored while sitting freely. This app can also be used in the pharma companies, railway stations and bus stations, Movie theatres, parking plots, clubs, resorts, hotels, construction sites and many more places like them.

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