EC-CUBE Android IOS Native Admin Mobile Application For Store Owner


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EC-CUBE IOS Native Admin mobile app
APPSARA EC-CUBE Mobile admin APP is a real-time EC-CUBE Mobile Dashboard and Admin App for Android and iOS Phones, Tablets and iPad. The APP is developed for EC-CUBE store admins to manage orders, view orders and get customer details on the go. APP seamlessly interacts with 
EC-CUBE store to manage without opening admin Panel.


$995.00 per Website

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APPSARA EC-CUBE Admin is a secured Android & iOS App that allows the owner to get connected with Store always

EC-CUBE Admin is an EC-CUBE Store Manager Mobile Application that helps you to manage your EC-CUBE Store backend from your mobile. Now you can manage orders, get customer details and sales reports, manage customer reviews, get notifications of important events do much more use EC-CUBE Mobile App

what you can do

New Customer Registered 
Customer Details
Customer Address Details

New Customer Order
Order Details
Item Details

the store owner can now remain connected with their store through their mobile. Keep track of the order details of your store from anywhere at any time!