Magento CMS Dialer Lightning

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An important part of your sales process, Magento CMSDialer is about creating new leads, and improving employee overall performance. In fact, it’s the complete inside sales dialer and intelligent cold call dialer solution. Plus, Magento CMSDialer lets you visually analyze your sales team’s calling habits and helps you make improvements where necessary.


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Gifts you the power to make calls directly, and instantly from android phones. But, it’s not just about outbound calling app or sales tool Magento CMS Dialer is a whole lot more.

Boost Productivity With Our Magento CMS Dialer, Get a 2-3x boost in rep productivity. Make more calls and connect with more prospects.

With integrated click to call, automatic activity logging and voicemail automation, your reps will be making more calls each day.

Understand call outcomes and know what percentage of calls actually result in a conversation with a prospect. Coach your reps to improve their connect percentage.

Leave the perfect pre-recorded voicemail for prospects who don't pick up the phone and move on to the next call.

Instead of using costly CRM you can use call recording app from the android phone.

You can view further contact details using caller id software like true caller